Noblesse Chapter 518 (Detailed Synopsis)

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Rai and Frankenstein are in the city checking the damage caused by Yuri. Rai asks Frankenstein if such things will repeat again.  Frankenstein answer in positive saying Crombell would take advantage of this weakness of good guys. Crombell wouldn't mind sacrificing innocents as he plans to exterminate the entire human race.

Noblesse Chapter 518 (Short Synopsis)

Noblesse Chapter 517 (Detailed Synopsis)

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The children discuss about the explosion in the city. Government said they were caused by gas explosion, but on Internet there are rumors of missile attack .There are even rumors of fight between Espers/Mutants. Whatever it was the children are sure the government is hiding stuff.

Noblesse Chapter 517 (Short Synopsis)

Noblesse Chapter 516 (Detailed Synopsis)

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Tao conclude that EMP were used when the blast occurred.  He also notice a new explosion but it is more powerful than before.

Meanwhile, in the city,  M-21 and Yuri start the battle.
 Yuri is able to push back M-21 which shock the latter.

Noblesse Chapter 516 (Short Synopsis)

Noblesse Chapter 515 (Detailed Synopsis)

The members of Raizel Knights are carrying out watch in different parts of cities. Tao is overlooking the city through computers from home. Tao and other RK members are communicating through their ear piece. Tao start a conversation with M-21 while others listen.